Providing re-imbursement from the responsible Third Part Companies

Dear business partners,

The company CAV, s.r.o., is the contractual partner of banks and insurance agencies who they work with especially for securing and capitalising overdue payments, conducting auctions and ensuring the repayment of damages from the relevant legal entities within Europe.

And it is the last of these services that we are now offering to your company. When settling an insurance claim where the damaging entity is a foreigner, insured by a foreign insurance agency, we apply your right to compensation for the damage caused by them.

We provide services for applying the right to compensation for damages free of charge to insurance agencies and other entities on the side of the creditor. Costs are always payable by the entity on the side of the debtor.

For the insurance companies, which do not have representation in Czech Republic, we can also offer our services as a claims representative. The claims representative is responsible for collecting all information necessary in connection with the settlement of claims and must take all the measures necessary to negotiate a settlement of claims. The representative must be capable of examining cases in the official language(s) of the Member State of residence of the injured party.

In this way, according to EU Directives which specify the need to appoint a claims representative, we can help you with managing damage claims caused by car accidents on the area of Czech Republic. We can also help you with other types of claims (Life, Accident, Health).

We also offer clients of insurance companies who have committed themselves in the insurance cover to covering the costs for repatriation the injured conveyance from the place where the accident occurred, or where first aid was administered, to there place of residence by the DELTA SYSTEM through air repatriation service. DELTA SYSTEM offers discount to clients of insurance agencies who have an agreement with CAV for recovering debts or for applying the rights to compensation for damage.

You can find more information about our Company and the services we offer on our web pages

The range of DELTA SYSTEM services, including fees charged, can be found on the web pages

Documentation needed for CAV, s.r.o. to negotiate a settlement of claim:

  • legal right to compensation (e.g. police report)
  • identifying data ofthe injured party and the party responsible
  • objective calculation ofthe compensation (e.g. insurance company calculation, expert opinion)
  • account number, where the money should be sent
  • contact - phone and e-mail (forthe communication between mandator and assignee)

Please, send all the documentation together withfilled, authenticated and signed Procuration to the CAV address.

Viktor Částka